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Reach up and lift another

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

10 Examples of Constructive Feedback |

Remember how you came to be where you are. What you learned along the way. Those who helped you and taught you and what you know today. The road you traveled others have gone before. Now you pave the way to show others the way to go. Celebrate the desire to learn from the mistakes', Lead, guide and show the way.

Leadership is more than telling someone what to do.

Step 1 - Walk beside them teaching detail your vision, passion and expectations

Step 2 - Walk a little behind them guiding them as they find their way. Be available to let them make mistakes to learn from the next day.

Step 3 - Walk away allowing them to demonstrate what they understand and lead

Let us all Reach up - Reach out - Reach down

Reach up and be lifted by another

Reach out and support your peers

Reach down and lift others

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