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No Strings Attached

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Love has no strings but there are boundaries

As individuals we have ways to express who we are and what we believe. This may be through the way we dress, the art we create, the books we read, or the music we listen to sometimes it is the way we act.

Part of having life experiences is that others close to us may not agree with our choices and that is ok.

Be true to yourself and who you are. There is a moral campus you possess. God, trust you and you can trust yourself. Individuals may want to get approval from others to feel validation and one is to wonder.

Is this really necessary?

Each experience will look different from another individual's point of view. By bringing their information and exposure creates an opportunity to have their personal opinion and choice. sometimes you may agree, and other time agree to disagree. The experience is to learn for oneself, develop opinion and knowledge.

Respecting that one can have another outlook and understanding does not make either one of you wrong. This is love and respect for an individual journey.

Boundaries are safe zones. They keep a person from being attacked, accused, violated, belittled.

Laws, rules, guidelines, commandments provide boundaries for safe learning experiences and a community from creating chaos. By being mindful of others, following the guidelines given, with respect to one's freedom creates a safe living space in each sphere of influence.

Respect the choice for each individual, stay in the boundaries then you can respect each other's choices.

If you have someone who crosses your boundaries often and creates drama in your life. Remind them that the privilege of being around you is called Respect. if not given than not allowed to be in your sphere of influence.

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