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cooperation / collaboration

 Quadrant Growth Chart

++  1.   Describe desired destination (Goal)               

 -+  2.  Exhibit details on the action to change.            

+-  3. Identify belief holding you back.                         

--  4. Identify the belief or action to replace.             

Try and try again till you get it right.  It won't always be the first time.  Having patience and perseverance you will get there.


Write you desired destination
What is it you want?
Be clear and defined this will help you know when you reached it.

Choose a habit or something you would like to change or improve.  Write it down.  Details help identify why you want to change.  This is the negative in your life that keeps you from feeling peace or moving forward


Identify the action that keeps you from succeeding to change.  You have great intentions you are able to make it work for a while but slip find yourself back into the old habit.

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