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About Improvision


Leigha Westover

"I am beautiful and intelligent   Those words were foreign to me until one day a very dear friend sat me in front of a mirror and had me repeat them.  It took some time to believe.   

I was labeled from a very early age. "Learning disability." I feel that went with me all the way through my life, until I understood that didn't define me.  

Learning for me was harder. it took longer.  I processed information differently.  Finding solutions to the challenges I faced didn't seem possible.  But it was possible, and I did overcome many challenges in my life.  

Raising a family made me aware there are many factors that play a part in defining who we are.  Not all are healthy or true.  As much as I wanted each one of my children to know their worth, it has been a major struggle for some. 

It is my hope that sharing IDW will help give insight to who we are and what we are capable of accomplishing. Knowing that, we have the power to make the difference and do something about it.

Improvision is about using IDW to improve vision through connection, cooperation and celebration.


On your own or together you/we can: 

 1.  Identify a basic objective 

2.  Identify distractions 

3.  Set action goals. (Keeping the goals focused on the main objective.) 

4.  Identify how to be accountable.

5. Track your progress

               You can do great things!

                  Happy IDW journey.

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