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Lifting the ONE
Employee and Customer Retention
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What Connection do you have to the past, present and future?
How does you cooperation affect your IDW when applying the 8 concepts?
Do you Celebrate your journey of failures along with your success? 

Want to know more about your IDW? schedule a time below.

Use your IDW in the following areas of life

What other people Say about Improvision:

I would highly recommend Leigha to anyone who is looking to improve their business!!! Prior to Leigha's assistance, my small business was suffering from poor product management and poor customer service. When the business was most in need Leigha was there for us. She helped to train new team members and improve customer relations. Without Leigha, the business would still be spinning its wheels. I owe Leigha a huge debt of gratitude and would highly recommend her.

Gregory Mokotoff

Leigha has been working with me for the past several months to motivate, organize, coach, lead, inspire, love, guide, and pray my small business, Stump King, into a model for franchising. Meaning to duplicate a small 61 year old establishment that removes tree stumps into a business that supports Owner Operators throughout California to repeat proven methods and procedures to succeed in the same way I have been enjoying for the past 22 years.  


Leigha Westover is a delightful person that is caring, wise and very patient. She helps me to use structure, repetition, and good habits to organize me. Her skills have been clearly responsible for the progress and growth that I am experiencing in my business and personal life. 
If you or anyone you know wants to grow up and climb that next mountain... 
Contact Leigha Westover for a not so painful dose of IMPROVISION.
Cordially Yours,,


Kyle Knight the Stump King

Leigha at Improvision helped with our summer intern program in 2020. She worked to make sure the interns felt comfortable, assisted with weekly intern meetings, and oversaw helping structure a ‘thank you’ package for the interns at the end of the summer. Due to her help and assistance, the interns loved their experience and really appreciated the great and thoughtful package they received. We were very impressed with the quality of Leigha’s assistance and contributions and would readily recommend her services to other businesses.

Austin Hepworth, Believer

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